Changes to ESC GasCert

We are pleased to announce a few updates that have been made to the Easy Safety Cert system which we hope will improve your user experience.  These updates have been implemented from our users feedback which we greatly appreciate.

Edit a completed gas cert

From your online account you can now edit both the client and job details of a completed gas certificate.

Next to the completed job click on ‘Edit’ to make any changes (e.g. address or name spelling error)

Available on both our Gas and PAT software system

gas cert software

Create multiple jobs with the same address

From your online account you can now create multiple jobs for the same client/job and send to your engineers.

For example if you need to complete a Domestic Gas Cert and Service/Maintenance Check for the same property you can now do this for the same address using the tick box option, which saves you needing to re enter the same information twice.

gas cert software

Changes to PDF certificate file name

The file name for each completed gas certificate pdf now includes the job address so it’s easier to search for completed gas certificates you have already downloaded.

Information in emails

When you email a gas certificate to a client their email address will now be included in the body of the email address (if entered) along with the ‘to’ field of the email.  This will allow you to quickly forward any gas certificates as required instead of searching for their email address from the app.

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