ESC GasCert – App Update

iOS & Android App Update

A new version of the Easy Safety Cert Gas Cert app is now available to download from Google Play and will be available in the App Store this week.

The new update changes the way the app sends completed gas certificates, allowing you to email completed gas certificates directly from your email account on your device.  This ensures all gas certificates are received on email.  Plus you have the option to add multiple recipients.  

Android users will also have the option to preview the completed gas cert before sending.  The new version supports Android 5.0 Lollipop 

Search ESC Gas Cert in Google Play and the App Store

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Before downloading the new version please follow the steps below:

1.  Send any jobs saved under My Jobs

2.  Delete the current app before downloading the new version

3.  Once downloaded sign into the app using your App Password

To view your App Password please sign into your online account then click on Company Details to view the password.

Easy Safety Cert provides gas safe engineers with an easy to use iOS and Android app for creating and email gas certificates on the go.  This complete gas certificate app and software saves engineers both time and money when it comes to gas safety checks.

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