5 Tips for Promoting Your Business

Finding the time, and money, to promote your business is never easy.  But there are some fairly simple ways to get people talking about your business that won’t break the bank or take up too much time.

1.  Website

Ok, so with any website development there will be some initial costs but once it’s up and running it’s a great tool for attracting customers.  A well designed, easy to use website can really help promote your business.

2.  Social Media

Twitter and Facebook are a great way to connect with people within your industry as well as promoting your business.  If you’re short on time use Hoot Suite to schedule tweets or updates for the day or week ahead.

3.  Blogging

Writing a blog is a great way of keeping customers informed of any new products or services you are offering.  It’s also a great opportunity to offer free advice and promote what your business does with pictures and testimonials from existing customers.

4.  Email

Keep customers and potential customers updated on any news or offers with a newsletter or monthly email.  Just make sure you have their permission to email them.   You can also add links to your blog and social media sites.

5.  Video

Creating a video will involve an extra cost but you can tell any prospective customer all about your company in just a couple of minutes.

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