30,000 homes at risk of gas dangers in the summer

According to the HSE, new research released today by Gas Safe Register, reveals that every day last summer 189 homes faced a dangerous gas emergency. Between May and September 2014, the gas emergency service provider National Grid was called out to 30,000 dangerous incidents, which included gas leaks, fires, explosions and over 9,500 cases related to carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.

Gas Safe Register found that one in five homeowners (19%) said they do not use gas boilers at all during the summer,  despite admitting they are still using hot water and cooking on gas appliances. The public are putting themselves at risk during the summer by unwittingly believing that as their heating is turned off they are not using their boiler and therefore not thinking about staying gas safe. Furthermore, a third of people say they use a gas barbecue on a weekly basis during the summer further exposing themselves to potential gas dangers.

Shelter report on gas safety checks

Badly fitted and poorly maintained gas appliances can cause serious harm. Gas barbecues, and even portable barbecues, can be just as dangerous as unmaintained gas appliances – if faulty or brought into confined spaces, such as a tent, they can emit deadly levels of CO fumes. In the past three years, 28 people have been killed or injured from CO poisoning after bringing a barbecue into a confined space.

Gas Safe Register has teamed up with NHS Choices to highlight the dangers faced from poorly maintained gas appliances and barbecues during the summer and to encourage people to recognise the symptoms of CO poisoning. A new safety advice video will feature on the NHS website.

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