Gas Safe at School

The Gas Safe Register recently announced a new education programme and theatre roadshow has been set up by the Gas Safe Charity that will enable teachers to deliver vital gas safety messages to primary school pupils aged 9-11.

The Gas Safe Charity, the UK’s voice for gas safety has launched a campaign aimed at schools and parents that will allow them to teach 9-11 year-olds all about gas safety – from how gas is created to how it can be used safely to cook food or heat their home.

Gas safety may not be at the forefront of children’s minds, but, to help schools raise their awareness, various educational resources have been created. These include videos, classroom lesson plans, homework activities, an online interactive house which allows the children to explore a virtual house and spot the hazards hidden within it, and the theatrical roadshow.

The theatre roadshow was initially toured around 17 primary schools as part of a pilot and has now been rolled out to a 10-week tour targeting 100 primary schools around the country. The show focuses on the Peril family who are trying to get their home ready for a party, but the boiler stops working…nightmare! With the help of Professor Wizzbang, Dr Sortit and a Gas Safe registered engineer, the heating gets restored and the party can begin. During the performance, the actors bring gas safety to life through live experiments, songs and audience participation.

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