I Need An Expert : Connecting Tradesmen and Customers

Trying to find new customers can be a daunting task for any tradesman, especially if you rely on word of mouth and good reviews.

With so much information available online, where do you start advertising your services, and how do you know if you’re really reaching customers?   There are lots of websites available where you can advertise your business or pay someone to do it for you, but so often the cost outweighs the benefit.

That’s where I Need An Expert comes in; this new service helps make the entire process of advertising your business to new customers a whole lot easier.  I Need An Expert is an online resource aimed at connecting customers and tradesman, taking the stress and cost out of the entire process.

The unique thing about I Need An Expert is no money changes hand, other than the customer paying the tradesman.  Customers aren’t charged for the service nor are tradesman charged for featuring on the website, making it an open and fair way of connecting customers and experts together.

Adam Callow, founder of I Need An Expert, explains why he decided to start the service:

“In my previous role I worked with tradesmen on a day-to-day basis and the issue tradesmen faced with finding new customers, specifically the cost of finding new customers, kept coming up.

When I looked into the options tradesman had when it comes to finding new customers it became clear the current systems were broken.  In my opinion they exploited tradesmen who were very skilled in their profession, but didn’t know how to get found online”.

So we came up with a solution to create a free service for our members; we allow merchants and manufacturers to advertise on the site to build up relationships with their customers. It’s a win win situation and I love the fact I get to meet and work with some great tradesmen.”

So, how does it work?

Customers can browse experts from different industries to find the right person for their job.  They then speak directly to you about their requirements and award the job to the right tradesman for them. At the end of the job the customer can write a review of their tradesman.

Equally, tradesman can set up a unique online profile with I Need An Expert in 8 easy steps.  Once set up your business is opened up to hundreds of new customers looking for a skilled tradesman.

This great new service will be available from 1st November.

For more information please visit http://www.ineedanexpert.co.uk/.


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