Stop Rogue Gas Fitters

The Gas Safe Register and HSE have highlighted the importance of steering clear of rogue traders. If you’re having gas work done then always ensure they are Gas Safe registered.

Rogue gas fitters are putting peoples’ lives at risk and leaving them out of pocket as homeowners are not checking their tradespeople are working legally. Gas Safe Register surveyed 2,000 homeowners and of those who have had gas work done in the last year, more than one in four (28 per cent) didn’t even think about checking that the engineer was legal and on the Gas Safe Register.

There are an estimated quarter of a million illegal gas jobs carried out every year and Gas Safe Register’s investigations are uncovering that nine in 10 illegal gas jobs are not completed to the required standard. In fact, one in every five jobs is so dangerous that their inspectors had to quickly switch the appliance off because it could have immediately caused a gas explosion, fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Homeowners are far too trusting in the people they hire. We are urging the public to be more diligent in checking a gas engineer’s ID card and making sure they are qualified to do the job in hand. For information on what to check on an engineer’s ID card watch Gas Safe Register’s short video.

If you suspect illegal gas work, you can report it anonymously to Gas Safe Register and they will investigate.

Gas Safe register

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Easy Safety Cert provide Gas Safe registered engineers with an iPhone, iPad and Android app that allows engineers to create, send and store gas certificates on the go.  This easy to use gas cert app saves engineers both time and money whilst sending professional electronic gas certificates.  We ensure all of our users are Gas Safe registered.

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