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Instantly send professional gas certificates to your clients

Easy Safety Cert easy to use gas job app for phones, iPad and laptops

The Easy Safety Cert system allows you to create, send and store all of your gas certificates on the go with an easy to use app. Plus you also have access to your own online database, which stores all client, job and certificate details.

Mobile App

Available on iPhone, iPad and Android, search ESC Gas Cert


Wide range of gas certs including domestic, commercial, LPG, servicing

Secure online

Stores completed gas certificates along with client and job details

Gas Certs

Email gas certificate directly from the app to your client

Gas Check

Automatic email reminders to repeat the gas check every 12 months

Warning Notices

Auto generated Warning Notices include all job, client and appliance details

Save Time
& Moneys

A quick and easy solution for managing gas certs saves you time & money

Gas Certificates

Add your business details, logo, Gas Safe numbers and electronic signature

Gas Safe

Easy Safety Cert’s certificate all feature the Gas Safe logo


Clients and engineers can sign directly onto the app

Job Management

Create and send jobs directly to your team on the road

Multiple Users
& Devices

Register multiple users and devices at no charge


Get rid of the hassle of paperwork with paperless gas certificates

As You Go

No subscription fees, just pay as you go from 30p per job

Free Updates
& Support

Full access to free iOS and Android updates and support

your clients

Send professional gas certs instantly, as soon as the check is complete

The gas safety certificate app allows you to create, send and store a gas certificate with ease. As well as storing your gas safe certificates online, you are also given access to your own online database, which stores all client, job and certificate details.

Free Mobile App: Create a gas certificate while mobile and email to a third-party with ease. The gas certificate app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Wide Range of Gas Certs: Users are able to use the app to create a range of gas certificates including domestic, commercial, LPG, warning notices, service records etc.

Secure Online Database: Every gas safe certificate is stored online within your own profile, allowing easy access 24/7.

Gas Check Reminders: Never worry about missing a gas check, as automatic email reminders alert you when a gas check is due

Automatic Warning Notices: Create warning notices from the app and notify clients instantly of an issues

Save Time and Money: The gas cert app ensures jobs are completed efficiently, allowing for a greater turnover.

Personalise Gas Certificates: Users of the gas cert app are easily able to enter business details, company logo, Gas Safe numbers and electronic signatures.

Gas Safe Logo: Give your clients that additional peace-of-mind by ensuring all your gas certificates contain the Gas Safe logo.

Job Management System: The gas safety app can be used to forward jobs to team members in real-time.

Multiple Users and Devices: A number of users can be registered to use the gas safety certificate app at no extra charge.

Pay As You Go: There are no subscription fees when using the gas safety certificate app, and jobs can be purchased on a PAY basis from just 27p each.

Free Updates and Support: regardless of whether you use the gas safety certificate app on Android or iOS, you will always receive free updates, and support should it be needed.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits in adopting the Easy Safety Cert gas certificate app, so why not take advantage of a free trial and download the app today. Just search ‘ESC GasCert’ in the App Store or Google Play today.

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