The leading PAT Certificate software solution

Set up Instructions

To be able to use the PAT certificate software system you need to sign up to the Easy Safety Cert free trial.

Once registered, go to ‘Add Engineer’ to add all the electricians that will be using the PAT cert app.

Sign-in details for the PAT cert app will be emailed to all users that you add to the database.

Download PAT certificate app from iTunes, search ESC PAT Cert.


Please download the app from iTunes

Easy Safety Cert easy to use PAT inspection app - sign up screen

Once downloaded open the app and go to App Settings - Sign In, enter the sign-in details that have been emailed to you and click 'Sign-in'.

You will automatically be taken to the Engineer page. Select your name and electronically sign your signature.

You can now view any jobs that have been allocated to you in My Jobs or create a New Blank Certificate.

Using the app - Selecting Jobs

My Jobs

Jobs created via the database are automatically sent to the device of the engineer that’s been selected to complete the job.

All client and job details will be automatically generated in a pdf and sent to your client

Jobs highlighted in black are yet to be completed

Jobs highlighted in red have been saved & not sent

Address Book

View and edit all job addresses & client details saved in your database. Option to call all contacts saved in the Address Book from your iPhone.

Create new job addresses & clients. All new contacts are automatically saved to your database.

New Blank Certificate

Create a PAT Certificate directly from the app.

All new job & client details will be saved to your database.

You can edit the job and client details at any time before the job is sent.

You must add a job address to a New Blank Certificate.

When adding the client details, you can press the Find button to search for clients saved in your database.

All client and job details will be automatically generated in a PDF and sent to your client.

Using the app - Completing Jobs

Comprehensive list of Locations, Appliance Types and Makes, which you can add to if required.

Electronically capture User/Clients signature.

When you press ‘Send’ you can preview the PAT Certificate before sending

Sending & Saving Certificates

You will require phone coverage or a wifi connection to send certificates.

Press 'Save' to save the job in the app under My Jobs and send later.

Press 'Send' to send the certificate directly to your client, a copy is also saved to your database.

  • All certificates are automatically sent to your clients as a pdf
  • All certificates are automatically saved to your database
  • If you do not have an email address for the client then you can view and download completed certificates on the database
  • Automatically emails pdf certificates to clients