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5 Common Reasons for a New Boiler Installation

A new boiler installation isn’t something that you find yourself considering all too often. However, central heating systems are like people; they age and as they get older they need more care and attention to ensure that they’re working and operating correctly.

Unfortunately, in some cases, boilers can start to show signs of wear and tear and unless the parts are easily available, you might find yourself looking at a complete installation.


But you don’t always need to jump into committing to a new system. It’s certainly worth getting second and third opinions before you sign agreements and confirm an installation date. In some cases, the boilers can be repaired and save you a considerable amount of money.

Boiler is no longer covered by warranty

The majority of boilers installed today will come with a standard manufacturer guarantee that ranges anywhere between 3 and 10 years depending on the system you have fitted and who installs it.

The large boiler manufacturers in the UK will have their own installer program, so if you have a new system fitted by one of these guys, then you’re probably going to get an extended guarantee.

However, warranties and guarantees cant last forever. As time passes they will expire unless you purchase an extended cover plan.

Parts are no longer available for the boiler

Probably the most common reason behind having a new boiler installed is the fact that older systems may no longer have the parts available for a repair. If you have a boiler that is more than 20-years old, you could find it easier to have a new one fitted rather than trying to source used or new parts entirely.

There will be limited supplies available but you can’t trust the longevity of a part that is more than 10-years old. And even if you can find the parts for older systems, the price you pay for having them installed may rise because they’re so difficult to source.

Scared into a new installation by a previous company

Unfortunately, this happens and happens quite a lot. Many customers feel as though they need to have their central heating systems replaced because they are scared into a new installation by a pushy fitter. Now 99% of gas installers in the UK are good, honest and reliable heating technicians but there is a very small minority that will try to force your hand when it may not be needed.

Try to avoid cowboys and dishonest companies by completing a few simple checks during a routine boiler service or quotation. You should always do the following to be safe:

  • Ask to see their gas safe registration card
  • Request a reference from previous customers
  • Ask to see any pictures of their previous work
  • Make sure that you get their name and contact information

The boilers efficiency rating is no longer good enough

Modern boilers will now come with an A rated efficiency stamp as standard. This means that the system will use less energy and could result in lower heating and energy bills for the homeowner or tenant.

Older systems will naturally be inefficient and it would be in your best interest to look into upgrading to a newer, safer, more efficiency central heating appliance.

Regular repairs are becoming very expensive

We touched on this earlier but older boilers will naturally hold more risk when it comes down to breakdowns and system failures and having them repaired on a regular basis will cost you a lot of money in the long run.

For example, a boiler fan installation, including the parts and labour could cost anywhere between £50 and £250, then there’s the existing pipework; if that needs upgrading or repairing it could take a pair of technicians half a days work at least.

In our opinion, if you’re having the boiler repaired regularly it could be easier to look into a new system. It will come with a manufacturers warranty, installation workmanship and guarantee and your save a lot of money on repairs.

Need a new boiler?

Bishop Plumbing And Heating Ltd specialises in new boiler installations in Milton Keynes and supports the immediate surrounding towns and villages. To avoid replacing your system, make sure that you have it serviced on an annual basis without fail.


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