Welcome to East Safety Cert

Established in 2013 Easy Safety Cert has fast become the UK’s leading provider of electronic Gas and PAT certificates.

Our mission & values

Originally designed by gas engineers, for gas engineers, the ethos behind the business has always been to provide an easy to use app that allows our users to quickly and easily complete their paperwork on the go.

We understand that you don’t have hours to learn how to use an app, so we’ve made the app straight forward and simple to use. It follows the flow of gas and PAT certificates so the transition from paper to electronic is as easy as possible.

We have also added in a range of features to help you run your business. So whether you are a sole trader or large corporation, the system is adaptable for all your users. From annual reminders to secure repeat business, to an online account for managing paperwork all in one place, we have it covered.

Most importantly, we have made the system cost effective for all. We know the number of gas and PAT checks can vary throughout the year, which is why we’re not tying you into an annual subscription. It’s guaranteed to save you both time and money.

Tools for gas & electrical engineers

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