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Easy Safety Cert 1.2 Out Now!

An updated version the Easy Safety Cert app is available now in the App Store!

We have added some exciting new features to version 1.2 :

Mapping : A new mapping feature has been added to the latest version.  When you click into My Jobs you will see a red pin next to the address, click on the pin to view the location of your job.

Find Previous Address : The Find Previous Address function is now up and running.  In 12 months time when you need to repeat an inspection all of the job and client details are stored here so you can quickly start the inspection.

Before you install the update please send all incomplete inspections in the My Jobs section of the app.  Then delete the app before installing the new version.

When you install the update you will need to re-enter the password you received from us when you signed up.  Enter the password in App Settings and select your name from the engineer list

Easy Safety Cert app version 1.2

About Easy Safety Cert :

We provide registered Gas Engineers with an iPhone app for sending gas safety certificates.  The app is linked to an online database that allows users to store all certificates, send inspection jobs to their iPhone and it automatically sets 12 month repeat inspection reminders.  For more information please visit

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