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Have You Considered the Benefits an App Can Offer Your Business?

Some may consider apps as nothing more than a passing phase, but the truth is that more and more people are relying on apps as part of their lifestyle. Regardless, of whether you’re make a bank transfer or booking a hotel room, chances are you will be carrying out the action using an app.

In fact, recent stats show that over 43 million of the UK population use apps every day. So while many people will be using social networking apps and playing games, there will also be those using apps to help automate their business while allowing it to operate in a pro-active way.

It would be easy to assume that only a few businesses can make use of an app, but nothing could be further from the truth. While mobile-optimised websites are becoming popular, apps offer a way of a business reaching out to their customer base, as well as enlarging their capture area when it comes to new business.

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What Type of App Should My Business Use?

The type of app your business should offer will depend on what the business is offering. Those who offer dining and fast food could offer an app that allows for table reservations, or delivery of food respectively. Those who offer news on a daily basis may offer an app that allows viewers to consume information in a more mobile friendly manner, with updates being offer via push notification.

Using Third Party Apps to Improve Your Current Business Model

While some business will be looking to create an app for their business, there will be others who are looking to make use of existing apps to help streamline their working methods. When searching for apps, it’s not unusual to come across a series of apps that look to aid you when it comes to scheduling work, but are there any apps that can truly fit within our business that will make a difference?

For the most part, the answer is yes. A prime example of this can be the Easy Safety App, which is offered as a third-party app for electronic gas certificates, but can be used by many businesses, and it even allows them to offer their own company logo on the certificates.

This ensures that users can streamline the completing of gas certificates, without having to create their own independent app. Of course, the option is still there to create an independent app, but it does showcase how much freedom there is when looking at app solutions.

The Easy Safety Cert gas certificate app is available on iOS and Android devices.  For more information on Easy Safety Cert’s gas certificate software please visit:

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