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Make Carbon Monoxide Alarms Mandatory

The Department for Energy and Climate Change want to force a debate in the House of Commons in order to change the law to make carbon monoxide alarms mandatory in homes across England and Wales where carbon burning appliances are installed.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a silent killer. You can’t see, taste or smell it, and symptoms like headaches, nausea and dizziness can easily be confused with flu.

Every year over 4,000 people are admitted to hospital with CO poisoning that could lead to brain damage and strokes – with 40 fatalities recorded in England and Wales.

84% of UK homes have smoke detectors but only around 15% have CO alarms. This puts countless families in danger. Whilst there is no substitute for annual servicing and maintenance of appliances, a professionally installed CO alarm could save your life.

In order to force the debate into the House of Commons they require 100,000 sigantures.  Please take a couple of minutes to sign their petition to ensure the law is changed so lives are saved:

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