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Make Your Gas Fitting Business More Pro-Active with an App You Can Trust

The running of any business can mean an investment of time, and this is especially true for those that work within the gas fitting industry. When it comes to carrying out repairs and fitting gas appliances, there are a series of checks that must be made before the job can be completed. This often means filling out a series of paperwork which can be time-consuming, and if a mistake is made, it can take even longer.

The use of electronic gas certs makes life easier for gas engineers, as it allows them to email gas certs from a device such as a smartphone or tablet for immediate delivery. Any mistakes along the way can simply be deleted and the details resubmitted, without the costly waste seen with carbon equivalents.

Easy Safety Cert is a company that allows gas engineers to create and email gas certificates using their phone or tablet.  The easy to use gas cert app ensures all gas certificates are completed to a high standard in a professional electronic standard.  The completed gas certificate is then emailed directly to clients.

Of course, if this is your first foray into the world of electronic gas certs, then you may be say on the fence as to whether you should change the way you work or not.

If you’re still unsure as to whether Easy Gas Cert can benefit your business, then why not head over to its testimonials pages to see what other businesses and customers have had to say about the service.

Customers have outlined how efficient their business has become, and how the app allows for a greater turnover and improved customer satisfaction.   Plus annual reminders ensure customers can maximise their repeat business.

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