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Running a Paperless Business

09Many business owners are now running completely paperless businesses, not just for efficiency but also as a way of saving money and providing clients with an even quicker service.

Running a paperless businss

Whether you’re a business owner or a client, everyone wants everything now, or rather yesterday. For example, invoices are expected to be sent as soon as a job is complete and confirmation of a service or delivery should arrive immediately. Operating a paperless business allows you to provide this immediate response service.

There are also financial reasons for running a paperless business.  If you regularly post documents, invoices or letters then that will cost you £0.60p just on stamps, combined with the cost of printing, paper, envelopes and ultimately your time. Over the course of a year that really adds up.

Or, if you regularly edit and amend documents then print out a new version and repeat the editing process, that adds up to a lot of wasted paper.  Combined with the clients demands to receive everything ASAP, a paperless business really does look appealing.

Running a paperless business

There are also many more benefits :

– Environmentally friendly

– Quickly & easily share files and documents within the workplace

– Access your documents anywhere

– Get rid of filing cabinets and mange everything electronically

– Replace lost documents immediately

You can now do anything from invoicing, managing documents and emails, create and send presentations, edit documents on the go all without printing out one single page.

Here are a few particularly helpful apps for running a paperless business:

Haiku Deck : Quickly create presentations using this great app

Mailbox : Manage and organise your emails efficiently

Google Drive or Dropbox : Online filing cabinet, manage all your documents in one place, access from your computer, phone or laptop

Evernote : Take notes in meetings and email them to yourself, no more pen & paper

Wunderlist : Manage your to-do list from your smart phone instead of post it notes

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