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Save Money With Easy Safety Cert

Following the recent changes to Easy Safety Cert’s pricing we can now save you even more money compared to paper certificates.

This blog post breaks down the cost saving compared to paper certificates plus all the added extras of an automated system.

ESC GasCert vs Paper Certificates

We have worked out that 100 Gas Safety inspections using paper certificates would cost about £0.83p per inspection.  This is based on :

Easy Safety Cert saving money

For 300 inspections that’s a whopping £249!

These figures don’t factor in the cost of your time for filing, replacing missing certificates or remembering to repeat an inspection.  I’m sure you’ve also wasted time sat in traffic when you need to hand deliver a Gas Safety certificate urgently.

Compared to Easy Safety Cert’s costs, which can be as low as £0.30p, there is a big saving to be had.  Plus you are receiving a high quality product to help you run your business efficiently.

For as little as £0.30p you not only get a free app that allows you to complete Gas Safety records, warning notices & cross bonding records you also get all of the following:

–       Secure cloud database

–       Job management system

–       Automatic repeat inspection reminders

–       All certificates stored electronically

–       Free updates & support

–       Multiple users & devices at no extra charge

Save time gas certs

If you carry out 300 inspections a year we can save you £159 a year.  Our pricing allows you to just pay as you go depending on the number of inspections you need.  For more information on pricing please click here.

Easy Safety Cert can not only save you money but also provides you with all the benefits of an automated system.  Don’t forget the ESC GasCert iPhone and iPad app are both free to download from the App Store.

For more information on how our gas certification software can help you please visit our website or you can contact us on 0208 9402 787 or email info(at)

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