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Which Tablet?

It seems as though every week a new tablet launches full of new features and interfaces.  With so much on offer the question is which one do you buy?

As with so many things it often comes down to your own personal or business, needs.  To help with the decision-making process we have created a quick guide on some of the popular tablets to hopefully help with your decision making.

iPad & iPad Mini

Whether it’s the iPad or the new Mini, this tablet is always a popular choice.  It’s incredibly easy to use, has an excellent selection of apps available through the App Store and it’s perfect for emailing, browsing the internet and taking notes on the go.

There are of course a couple of cons to consider.  Battery life is fairly poor and they can be costly to buy.  Also, if you need a lot of memory space then you have to pay for this.  The original iPad is quite big and not necessarily what you want to carry around all day.  But the new Mini is a much smaller version and fits anywhere.

Cost : iPad from £329 / iPad Mini from £269.

ipad and ipad mini

Kindle Fire

This is Amazon’s follow on from the Kindle.  The Kindle Fire is great for reading books, browsing the internet and checking emails.  It’s also really handy for editing documents on the go, although the keyboard is quite small.  It  has a crisp, bright screen with excellent resolution.  It’s really small and lightweight so you can carry it around all day without even noticing it.  You can also use a stylus for writing and it’s very affordable.

The problem with the Kindle is there are a limited number of apps available to use on it.  Most apps have to be downloaded via Amazon Marketplace, although the more popular apps such as Dropbox and Facebook are available.  Also, for some features, such as the camera, to work you have to download an app especially for it.

Cost : From £129

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

This is a great, compact tablet with a big screen.  Perfect for browsing the internet, checking emails and you can use a stylus pen to write directly onto the tablet which means working on the go is even easier.  It’s a great contender for those that want to go paperless and don’t like touch screens.  This is an Android tablet so there are lots of apps available from Google Play.

The cons with this one come down to screen resolution (apparently its lower screen quality compared to other Samsung Tablets), and cost.  With prices ranging from £249 to £349 + it’s not the cheapest tablet around.

Cost : From £249

Samsung Galaxy

As with anything it’s best to speak to an expert in store to find out which Tablet is best suited to your needs and budget.

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