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Why is Gas Safety so important?

Today’s Guest Post was written by Direct Heating Supplies.

Direct Heating Supplies

It is a casing point that the majority of homes in the UK rely on natural gas fed-appliances as part of their everyday life.

In the colder weather months a lot of people use their gas fuelled systems to keep themselves nice and cosy, with gas boilers and gas fires often found to be in regular operation. Natural gas is used in the kitchen too, with gas hobs used to cook tasty treats for the whole family.

The very fact that we use these gas appliances so often means that it is all the more imperative that we look after and maintain these systems.

How An Annual Service Can Help

If you talk to a Gas Safe registered heating engineer they will almost certainly recommend that you arrange for an annual inspection to be undertaken within your property. This will ensure that a qualified engineer will thoroughly inspect your property’s gas boiler, fire and hob to ensure that they are operating safely and efficiently.

A faulty gas appliance can have major implications for the health of everyone in the general vicinity. Leaking natural gas appliances can lead to a build-up of carbon monoxide, which in turn can be cause symptoms such as dizziness, exhaustion, sickness, diarrhoea, migraines and memory loss.  As an odourless gas, a build-up of CO2 can massively reduce the levels of oxygen in the surrounding room, something that in the worst cases has been known to cause suffocation.

On top of all of this a leaking gas appliance obviously presents a massive risk of fire. In order to safeguard all those in your property against these risk you need to get your gas appliances officially signed off as “safe” every year – it doesn’t cost much and it really isn’t worth taking the risk.

The good news is that as well as ensuring the safety of your gas appliances, hiring a heating engineer to look at your home’s central heating system and other gas appliances will go a long way to making sure your home is operating at the most efficient levels possible.

With the cost of gas, electricity and oil all going up as part of the nationwide increase, it makes sense to guarantee that you are getting the best value for money possible. After all, there’s no point paying out a substantial amount of money each month on your heating when you could rectify easy problems that will save you a bundle in the long-term.

With the risks far outweighing the negatives, there really isn’t any reason why you should be avoiding an annual service.  A list of qualified Gas Safe heating engineers and companies are listed on the Gas Safe website, so minimise the risks and arrange your boiler service today!

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