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Women in Plumbing

A recent survey by WaterSafe reveals UK homeowners would like to see more women in plumbing roles.  The poll surveyed 2000 consumers, with 31% saying they would prefer a female plumber to carry out work on their home.

With just 1% of women in the UK working in the plumbing industry there is a clear need for encouragement and support for women looking to enter the industry. Not least because the survey shows there is a demand amongst consumers for bringing more women into the industry.

However,  24% of women surveyed were not encouraged to take up a trade whilst at school.  It’s clear there needs to be more support, knowledge and role models for young women to encourage them to enter a trade career such as plumbing from a young age.

There are many industries where women are the minority, not least the trade industry. Encouragement, support and mentoring could be the key for bringing more women into the industry.

For more information please visit WaterSafe.

WaterSafe women in plumbing

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