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5 Ways We Can Help You

Easy Safety Cert’s system has been designed to help Gas Engineers complete, send and manage Gas Safety inspections.  The free iPhone and iPad app along with the secure cloud database make Gas Safety inspections quicker and easier.

There are lots of ways our system can help you, hop on over to our Features page for more info, in the meantime here are 5 ways our software can help you :

1.  Maximise Repeat Business : Automatic repeat inspection reminders by email and alerts on your database allow you to maximise repeat business with clients.

2.  Sending Certificates :  As soon as you’ve finished an inspection just press ‘Send’ and the pdf certificate is automatically emailed to your client, they receive their copy in real-time instead of waiting for a copy to be delivered in the post.

3.  No More Admin : The beauty of an electronic system is it removes all the admin hassle that comes with paperwork.  Certificates are automatically sent and stored, you don’t need to do anything, well apart from the inspection!

4.  First Impressions : Many of our customers have told us how using our electronic system is a selling point to new and existing clients.  It allows clients to receive professional looking certificates (with your logo and the Gas Safe logo on the cert) via email, making their lives easier too.

5.  Save Money : Using our system will save you money compared to paper certificates, plus you have all of the great benefits of an automated system.  For more information on exactly how much you can save click here.

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