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How Can We Save You Time?

Following on from our recent post on how Easy Safety Cert can save you money, we thought you would also like to know how we can save you time.

As with any data entry process, switching from paper to electronic will almost always save you time when it comes to actually entering information compared to using a phone or computer.

We timed a registered gas engineer whilst they filled out a Gas Certificate based on 3 appliances and no warning notices.  Filling out a paper certificate took 7 mins and filling out a certificate using the Easy Safety Cert app took 4 minutes.  That’s a saving of 3 minutes.

This might not sound like much but if you add up the time you could save over the course of a week, month or year, it really is quite a lot of time, and in turn money, saved.  For example, if you fill out 300 certificates a year, you could save 15 hours just by filling out certificates using our app.

Hours Saved Filling Forms ESC Gas Certificate

There are lots of other ways you could save time with Easy Safety Cert that are not so easy to calculate but still make a difference  :

Job Management System : Quickly enter job and client details using the database’s job management system.  Jobs are then sent directly to your phone and you can just get on with the inspections.

Certificates Emailed Immediately : No need to post or hand deliver a certificate again. As soon as the inspection is complete the certificate is immediately emailed to your client

Automatic Repeat Inspection Reminders : The system automatically reminds you via email and through the database 11 months after the last Gas Safety check.  Not only does this save you time but also helps to generate more business.

Missing Certificates : Do you get calls from clients who have mis-placed certificates?  Well, from now on you don’t need to search filling cabinets for your copy, just log into your database and you can re-send missing certificates.

Auto Generated Warning Notices & Cross Bonding Records : You’re on a job and each of the 5 appliances you’ve inspected require a warning notice.  So you have to waste time filling out the same job, client and appliance information.

Well, with Easy Safety Cert the app does this for you.  All job, client and appliance details are automatically added onto Warning Notices and Cross Bonding Records.

No Filing or Admin : Certificates are immediately sent to your client and a copy is automatically saved on your database.  So there’s no filing or admin time wasted.

Assuming you save an extra 4 minutes for filing, not having to post or deliver certificates and factoring in creating inspection reminders, replacing missing certificates and filling out warning notices, you could save 7 minutes per inspection in total.

Thinking of this over the course of 300 inspections that’s 35 hours saved!

Total time saved ESC Gas Certificate

For more information on how the Easy Safety Cert gas certification software can help you manage your gas safety certificates more efficiently please visit our website

You can also download the app onto your iPhone or IPad by clicking on this link.

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