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The Benefits of Running a Paperless Business

Regardless of whether you operate as an electrician or a gas engineer, there’s one thing that’s true for both roles, and that’s the abundance of paperwork. Unfortunately, the industry is one that must be documented thoroughly, so it can be understood that many assume there isn’t a solution to make things more streamlined.

However, just because a lot of paperwork is required in the fuel industry, this doesn’t mean physical sheets of paper have to take up all your available space. Not only are you able to issue online PAT certificates and electronic gas safety certificates, but there can also be several benefits when doing so.

How many times have you had to go rummaging through a series of documents when carrying out a gas safety check? Even the more organised among us can have difficulty in keeping everything together, which is where an electronic gas safety certificate comes into play.

There’s no denying that many of us use our mobile phone or tablet for a series of everyday tasks, so why should the issuing of safety certificates be any different? Imagine being able to carry out your checks, and instantly create a gas certificate which can be emailed to your customer instantaneously. Not only this, but you can also issue warning alerts should anything need amending, ensuring that the customer is fully aware of the rectifications needed.

Running a paperless businss

A paperless business is not only beneficial for the gas engineer or electrician, but is also beneficial for those who receive them. For example, a landlord may have several different properties, which means that there is a lot of paperwork to contend with. While these records need to be kept for legislation reason, there’s no need to have physical copies of them on the premises. Using an app to issue certificates means that the landlord can file them away digitally, while still being able to print them off should a physical copy be needed. It just offers a more professional service for all involved.

There’s also the fact that keeping records becomes less of a chore. When you sign up for an app that can issue electronic gas safety certificates, such as Easy Safety Cert, users will be given their own profile. This will detail all the certificates issues, as well as the type of certificate. The app can contend with domestic, commercial, warning notices and service records to name a few.

gas engineer software

The most alluring feature of such an app is the ability to carry a series of certificates, regardless of the device you’re using. Forgot your tablet, but have your phone? No problem, simply log in to your profile on another device, and voila, all your administration is available at the touch of the button. The issuing of digital certificates also means that you are able to increase your turnover, due to simplistic nature of how the certificates are generated.

But what about the price you may ask. Well, believe it or not, making use of either an app that issues online PAT certificates, or one that issues electronic gas safety certificates can actually be more cost-effective than issuing paper certificates. If a customer has lost their original certificate, then there is very little work in sending them another.

PAT testing App

If you’re currently surrounding my piling masses of paperwork and you’re looking for a cost-effective but reliable solution, then it could be worth making the switch.

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